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Fossil & Feather Incense Burner

Fossil & Feather Incense Burner

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Exogyra is an ancient bivalve oyster that flourished in the shallow seas

100 to 65 million years ago.  Balancing the elements of Water & Earth, the fossils are a unique vessel to spiral your highest intentions. By adding Fire, Air, sacred herbs & resins, the smoke embodies Ether, the bridge between spirit & matter. Each fossil is collected, by hand, with care & respect from deep within the heart of Texas. An ethical & vegan alternative to the over harvesting and factory farm raising of Red Abalone shells. 

In a world full of drop ship manufactured goods, the slow road is taken, gratefully harvested one by one, hiked out and sent directly to you. The only hands to have touched this fossil are mine and yours.

The formation where these fossils emerge from is ephemeral. From season to season, year to year. At any point, the limestone embankments where these fossils have laid dormant for millions of years my cease to gift us with their treasures. So it is, so it will be. 

10% of proceeds are donated to saving & protecting the waterways of Central Texas & the California Red Abalone.

Each fossil is unique, with variations from specimen to specimen. All are of similar exquisite quality & size, specifically chosen for chalice-like qualities.  Typical dimensions are 4 1/2" (144 mm). Antiqued metal stand included. 

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