Fossil Incense Burners

Exogyra is an ancient bivalve oyster that flourished in the shallow seas 65-120 million years ago.  Balancing the elements of Water & Earth, the fossils are a unique vessel to spiral your highest intentions. By adding Fire, Air, sacred herbs & resins, the smoke embodies Ether, the bridge between spirit & matter.

  • Slow Roads

    In a world full of drop-ship scalability, the slow road is taken. Each fossil is collected one by one, hiked out and sent directly to you. The only hands to have touched this fossil are mine and yours. 

  • Ethical Alternative to Abalone

    Rejecting the factory farming and over harvesting of the endangered Red Abalone, each fossil is an ethical & vegan alternative for your spiritual practices

  • Reciprocity

    Each fossil is collected with care & respect, by hand, from deep within the heart of Central Texas. 10% of proceeds are donated to causes that keep our sacred waters clean & flourishing.